Jewellery Care


All Somme Studio jewellery is handmade from fine sterling silver and 18K gold plated brass. We think little traces of the making process make each piece special so we keep them visible. Please treat and wear your jewellery with love and care.


Our jewellery is nickel free and finished to be protected from the harsh environment. Sterling silver and gold are natural metals allowing each of our pieces to develop their own unique characteristics over time. Any oxidation or darker coloration may be removed with a polishing cloth.


To maintain the beauty of your jewellery please remove them when you shower, bathe or swim. Avoid spraying perfume or applying creams where they might come into direct contact with your jewellery. Store in a secure, dry place between wears. We suggest keeping your pieces in their original box.


Please expect the colour, texture and tone of your piece to vary slightly from the items presented in the photographs you see on your screen.


Minor repairs are accepted and are subject to a fee. For further information on caring for your jewellery or repairs, please contact us at